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Freeda Daily Value Multivitamin

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This moderate multi-vitamin formula contains 100% of the daily value of all these important vitamins. Those who desire a higher potency multi-vitamin should consider Quintabs (without minerals). Freeda also makes available a number of well-balanced multi-vitamins with minerals. This product contains no Beta Carotene.
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Many people are gluten sensitive, meaning they have celiac disease, or if they don’t have full blown celiac disease they are gluten sensitive. Many people who are gluten sensitive do not absorb their vitamins very well and they do need to take multivitamins, but they have to make sure the active ingredients do not contain gluten and that’s often a problem with all medicines. Some contain inactive ingredients made from starch that comes from wheat, that means they would have traces of gluten. We recommend this gluten free vitamin and make it available to you so that you have true gluten free vitamins that you know are safe, and are not going to cause you any problems as you supplement your diet with added vitamins to compensate for the loss of vitamins or from the failure to absorb vitamins due to the celiac or gluten sensitivity.

Dr. Kelly Jarvis, The Remedy Doc

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