Since the beginning of time, humans have experimented with plant materials in the effort to improve and maintain health. Achievements in this area have been remarkable because the plant kingdom supplies most of the building blocks for nutrition and medicine. However, in our haste to obtain more powerful and quicker acting medicines and foods (“fast foods”), we have begun to synthesize and potentiate the activity of nature’s pharmacy. The results of this drift away from natural methods have been far from satisfactory in many instances. But the drug revolution has been so successful in America since its inception just a few decades ago that it has become the orthodox approach to health care, and the thousands-year-old herbal medical literature has been ironically relegated to the “alternative” approach. (Dr. Daniel B. Mowrey, Valerian Root…Passion Flower…Magnesium…Natural Relaxants: Freedom From Prescription Drugs, Page 1.)

Hi, I’m Dr. Kelly Jarvis, the Remedy Doc. I’ve assembled a line of products that I want to market to the public that may offer relief for a variety of illness and ailments. Why have I done this? Because I have seen so many people fail to respond to traditional medicine. With alternative medicines, such as these offered on this site, we have often been able to help people where traditional and more costly and often toxic drugs do not provide the answers.