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Bronchitis, Tonsillitis and Swelling Remedy: Myosotis

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Product Type: Infection & Cleansing

Indications and Usage: For the temporary relief of bronchitis and the pain of sore throats and tonsillitis. Promotes detoxifiation of the lymphatic system.

Ingredients (Liquid Ingredient, Potency): Areanea diadema (European Garden Spider) 6X; Calcarea Phosphorica (Calcium Phosphate) 12X; Equisetum hyemale (Scouring Rush) 4X; Ferrum Iodatum (Ferrous Iodide) 12X; Fumaria officinalis (Beggary) 4X; Gentiana lutea (Yellow Gentian) 5X; Geranium robertianum (Herb Robert) 4X; Juglans regia (English Walnut) 3X; Lymphatic Sarcode 12X; Myosotis arvensis (For-get-me-not) 3X; Nasturtium aquaticum (Watercress) 4X; Natrum Sulphuricum (Sodium Sulfate) 4X; Pinus sylvestris (Scotch pine) 4X; Sarsaparilla (Sarsaparilla) 6X; Scrophularia nodosa (Figwort) 3X; Teucrium marum (Cat Thyme) 3X; Thyroidinum (Thyroid Gland) 12X; Veronica beccabunga (Brooklime) 3X.

Item Description

234 Myosotis Swelling Reducing Remedy

I recommend Myosotis for swelling, whether it be in the ears, tonsils, throat, or any other parts of the body. It is very valuable in helping people with swelling after Wisdom Teeth removal, after Dental work, and after other swelling caused by infections or upper respiratory. It works naturally without a lot of side effects and often yields results with just a few doses, morning and night, or three times a day. Hope you’ll consider Myosotis when you have trouble with those kinds of swelling.

Dr. Kelly Jarvis, The Remedy Doc

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2 Responses to “Bronchitis, Tonsillitis and Swelling Remedy: Myosotis”

  1. Impacted Wisdom Teeth says:

    I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed at the same time. They were so impacted that they were growing into my jaw. I had local anesthesia in the surgery. The surgery itself wasn’t really too painful (besdies the shots to numb you up). It’s after the surgery when the medication goes away that you will experience A LOT of pain and swelling in the cheeks.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for your comment. Myosotis is a great product to have for wisdom teeth removal, or any other dental work.

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